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Thanks for doing such a great job writing it. I've knock wood had no problems so far. I have never had to look elsewhere! And Smartwrap is the best! Thanks for your hard work. Look forward to using another great product by you guys :- " - Lyons, TX. It has made my life paying bills much easier I no longer rely on a few insecure passwords because I can create hard-to-guess ones and store 'em in my wallet.

It has saved me many times from disaster. Thank you, Great Inventor Wizard, for this super little program. As a consultant, it helps me keep all my customers passwords in a secure and handy place. It's become an essential application that I use all the time. Does what is says and does it well!

A real timesaver! Screw Larry Ellison and Bill Gates! I use it several times a day. I paid for the upgrade didn't I? I absolutely rely on for a long time now.

You provide one of the 'Killer Apps" for the Palm and Mac. Good work. Keep it up! I can't say enough good things. Happy to pay for an excellent product. Great program! Thanks for the hard work on the update! It is a very secure and convenient way to access web sites and not worry about my passwords getting stolen and used by miscreants. I recommend it all the time. This is a neat little utility. It works a treat and makes the mamoth task of password handling a breeze. I have lots of web passwords phone, cell, bank, etc so this comes in really handy.

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I liked both but in the end, this is the one I will use. It is very organized and intuitive. Will go to your website to find more goodies for my new iBook. Great Product. Prompt support. I LOVE this program. Gives me peace of mind. Thank you!!!!!!

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Keep 'em coming! I love this! At last i can relax and not worry about forgetting a code or username. Like the Mac, it's simple and intuitive. It will be one of my most prized Palm apps! Kisco, NY. Love the auto-type feature. Your Solution to Password Confusion PasswordWallet stores ALL of your passwords and other private information in one, convenient location - because password confusion just isn't necessary! Choose your platform at the right.

Better than anything else. Easy, consistent. I like it. Highly Recommended. I've been using PW since version 2. Need I say more? I use it to keep everything that I need to remember. Easy to use; does everything I need. Tried three other products first, this is the best. Have used since Plam Pilot Version. I bought another license. Windows app looks good too. RELY on it.

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One of my essential items! Used it for years. Easy to use!!! Love the purchase model. I've been using it for years. Big fan. What I want. Use all the time on ALL my devices! Used it for a while now without issues. Simple and clean, just the way I want it. Use it on all my devices. This is the best stress relief I can imagine. Merci beaucoup.

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  • The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 11, · 93.
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I agree. Ireland "great product, easy to use" - Norway "This is a real help! It is great. Great job solving a common problem!!

Very happy with the way it works for me. Used it for several years, now going legitimate! I love Password Wallet and use it every day!! Have been using it for since webos. Love the print reader on iphone" - Idaho "what a great idea!